"Thoroughly professional service. Honest appraisal of back problem enabling me to carry on life as normally as possible, with appropriate treatment."
S.G. Edgell

"I have been attending Orchard Clinic since the 1980's. I have always received excellent treatment and would highly recommend their physio services. Prompt treatment from highly experienced professional staff."
Sue Churchhouse

"Orchard Physiotherapy practitioners provide me with the frequent and vital treatment I need to manage my degenerative chronic health conditions. Without their specialist knowledge and care I would be unable to work and live the full and happy life I enjoy. Their reception staff, Pilates teachers, and physiotherapists provide invaluable support with a smile!"
Angela Clarke

"I have always found the staff very attentive, very professional, and very friendly. Have been using them over a number of years now."
Marilyn Hill

"When I visit the clinic my concerns relating to my condition are listened to. The treatment plan is quickly put in place and implemented. The overall experience is one of progress to help me manage my ongoing problems. My physiotherapist does her best to help me.

"As a large family we have been using Orchard Clinic for over twenty years in respect of various injuries from hypermobility, foot injuries and back complaints. We have found all the staff to be friendly, courteous and exceedingly knowledgeable in their advice and treatment. We would not hesitate in recommending them."
Carole Borras

"Sarah my physiotherapist has been a star. She has taken me a wingeing patient with a pinched nerve in my neck in agony and in a few short weeks I am pain free, and taking no meds. I am not keen on needles but Sarah performed acupuncture and I am positive this cured my nerve pain. Thank you so much Sarah I will not hesitate to see you again for any other injuries.
Linda Gant

"Paul's diagnosis and treatment are amazingly thorough and accurate. He is seeing me through a hip replacement and allowing me a much higher quality of life than I expected. I am so grateful.
Sheila Tidball

"Thank you for such a positive and pain relieving experience! I arrived in a terrible state but with lots of patience and care am now able to cope with daily life! I am grateful for such a patient and understanding approach that has been non-judgemental and positive every step of the way!

"My many thanks to Glen for his professional help and enthusiasm in helping my recovery from a severe hamstring strain that occurred in 2011. Prior to Glen's care I had had two cortisone injections, deep pressure ball massage and exercise regimes over a two-year period, none of which had helped as an MRI scan still showed an inflamed hamstring. Glen's structured approach, over a six-month period, of exercise, posture and gate analysis has alleviated the pain and I can now run twice a week with a target of a race in 2015. Glen wishes to know how I get on in the event.
Sarah Mescal

"Thank you. I am pain-free since my first appointment (I had two in total). I do not need painkillers and I sleep better too. I have a good range of movement in my arms, and the exercises are really simple. I have been given very good advice about posture too.
Ruth Jacobs

"I first came to Orchard Clinic to have physio which sorted out my neck problems - by taking a weekly Pilates class at the Clinic for the four years since I have managed to keep all aches and pains at bay. Great staff and a lovely atmosphere. Well done all!
Tess Machling

"I have been fortunate enough to work with four or five physios at Orchard Clinic over the years. They have been consistently effective and helpful - and always friendly. Good assessment and explanations of pathology; straightforward exercise regimes; persistent attention. I am currently working with Paul. He is exceptional. Very high quality work - of the highest standard.
Neil Margerison

"I was referred to Orchard Clinic for treatment on a long term back condition. From the start I have always been impressed by the professional and friendly service that I have received at all times. Thanks to the expertise of my Physiotherapist, Charlie, who has skilfully developed a treatment plan for me, that has not only dealt with the acute pain I was suffering due to my condition, but has also enable me to manage it much more successfully going forward.
Roger Bosley

"After an initial consultation I have taken up Pilates for my back. The classes are fantastic - tailor-made, small group and the loveliest teacher (Julie). I am much more in control of my back pain now and it has really helped. Thank you!

"A visit to Orchard clinic always helps. A powerful blend of friendliness and professionalism always makes a difference to the problem. Strongly recommend.
A Avebury

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